We Offer

Aerial Photography

We specialize in aerial photography for real estate. Showcase your house and give your potential customers a first hand view at their property and neighborhood. We use only last generation drones to make a premium qulity pictures for you.

from $149

Aerial Videography

We are experienced pilots with new generation drones. All our drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras capable of capturing 20MP photos and 4K videos to provide you with excellent qulity real estate videos

from $199

Video Production

We offer high-quality aerial video production services. You get 60+ sec professional video clip which helps you deliver the best house view to your customers. It helps you to sell the house for a higher price.

from $249

Aerial Photography for Real Estate

The largest industry in Florida to use aerial photography is Real Estate. Customers who are buying a house, can now see aerial views through drone photos.   Different aerial angles will show the roof condition, the amount of land that surrounds the house and the space of the house, as it is seen from the air.   As a Real Estate agent now you can add an extra layer for helping a customer, to make the final decision of whether or not to buy a house. Drone Photography in Florida AirMagic offers views/angles, that cannot be seen from photographs taken on the ground.

What You Get

Bird’s eye panorama

Panorama that is especially important for Florida houses and, gives a full view of the house as well as landscape and neighborhood catching the very essence of the house.

Nice top-view site plans

The drone can fly as high as 1500 feet which allows for roof inspection, detailed site views and top down shots for extra immersive photographs of the property.

Virtual tours, easily

Imagine the drone coming down, making circles around the estate and capturing every single detail. Then, it goes inside and shows all rooms of the house, just like if a client visited the property in person.

About AirMagic

Our Real Estate aerial photography services from drones create a level of visual intrigue that is hard to match, and in a way that is more affordable than you might think. We offer drone photography sessions starting at $149.

Aerial Photography for Real Estate

Aerial House Photo Kissimmee
At AirMagic we use advanced drone technology to capture crisp HD images and smooth 4K videos from best points unobtainable by regular phorographer. The use of drones for capturing aerial imagery is safer, quieter, more affordable than traditional aerial photography with aircraft.  Contact our team today for an on-site quote for your current aerial drone project. We proudly serve Orlando, FL and the surrounding area.




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